Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited

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TORADOL 10mg Tab.

Ketorolac tromethamine 10mg/tablet (f.c).20's pack: 600.00 MRP..

BDT 600.00

ACOS 30ml Susp.

Azithromycin USP 200mg/5ml: suspension.30ml bot: 175.00 MRP..

BDT 175.00

ACOS 500mg Tab.

Azithromycin USP 500mg/tablet 500mg x 6's pack: 331.02 MRP..

BDT 331.02


Probiotic combination capsule or sachet contains-Lactobacillus acidophilus: 2 bilionLactobacillus bu..

BDT 40.00

Acteria Oral Powder

Probiotic Combination [4 Billion] 4 billion/sachet Radiant Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 4 billion s..

BDT 42.00


High potency multivitamin Sc multimineral formulation comprising of 32 components from vitamin A to ..

BDT 541.00


This is a specially formulated multivitamin & multimineral preparation comprising of 31 componen..

BDT 420.00

AVENAC 100mg Tab.

Aceclofenac BP 100mg/tablet (f.c) 50's pack: 251.00 MRP..

BDT 251.00


Ibandronic acid monosodium salt, monohydrate corresponding to ibandronic acid 6mg (6ml) concen..

BDT 20,200.00

CANDIDAL 150mg Cap.

Fluconazole 50mg & 150mg/capsule 150mg x 12's pack: 270.00 MRP..

BDT 270.00

CANDIDAL 50mg Cap.

Fluconazole 50mg & 150mg/capsule 50mg x 30's pack: 240.00 MRP ..

BDT 240.00

CORALCAL-D 200 i.u Tab.

Calcium carbonate USP 1250mg equivalent to SOOrng elemental calcium and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)..

BDT 11.00

CYMEVENE 10ml lnj.

Ganciclovir sodium salt equivalent to 500mgganciclovir in 10ml vial: i.v injection.Mode of action: G..

BDT 4,750.00

DILATREND 6.25mg Tab.

CarvedilolINN 6.25mg/tablet 6.25mg x 30's pack: 330.00 MRP..

BDT 285.00

DORMICUM 15mg Inj.

Midazolam hydrochloride 5mg/5ml ampoule & 15mg/3ml ampoule: i.m/i.v injection 15mg (3ml) amp x 5..

BDT 1,020.00


Midazolam hydrochloride 5mg/5ml ampoule & 15mg/3ml ampoule: i.m/i.v injection 5mg (5ml) amp x 10..

BDT 1,511.10

DORMICUM 7.5mg Tab.

Midazolam maleate 7 .5mg/tablet.7.5mg x 30's pack: 585.00 MRP..

BDT 585.00

Efodio 10 mg

It is used in the following indications:Stimulation of gut motility in non-ulcer dyspepsia, gastro-e..

BDT 4.00

ELIPROX 500mg Tab.

Ciprofloxacin 500mg/tablet 500mg x 30's pack: 420.00 MRP..

BDT 420.00

Exium MUPS 20mg

Exium® MUPS 20 Tablet: Each MUPS tablet contains gastro-resistant Multiple Unit Pellet System as E..

BDT 10.00