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Glucosamine 250mg (as glucosamine hydrochloride USP) & chondroitin sulfate sodium USP 200mg..

BDT 240.00

SALOST 150mg Tab.

Risedronate sodium 5mg, 35mg & 150mg/tablet.150mg x l's pack: 200.00 MRP..

BDT 200.00

SALOST 35mg Tab.

Risedronate sodium 5mg, 35mg & 150mg/tablet.35mg x 4's pack: 200.00 MRP..

BDT 50.00

ACTOMEG 500 Tab.

Pioglitazone hydrochloride 15mg + metforminhydrochloride 500mg/tablet (film-coated)20's pack: 180.00..

BDT 180.00

ACTOMEG 850 Tab.

Pioglitazone hydrochloride l Smg + metforminhydrochloride 850mg/tablet (film-coated)20's pack: 200.0..

BDT 200.00

ACTOSE 15mg Tab.

Pioglitazone hydrochloride INN 15mg & 30mg/tablet.15mg x 30's pack: 240.00 MRP..

BDT 240.00

ACTOSE 30mg Tab.

Pioglitazone hydrochloride INN 15mg & 30mg/tablet.30mg x 20's pack: 300.00 MRP..

BDT 300.00

ADGLIM 1mg Tab.

Glimepiride USP 1mg & 2mg/tablet 1mg x 30's pack: 90.00 MRP..

BDT 90.00

ADGLIM 2mg Tab.

Glimepiride USP 1mg & 2mg/tablet2mg x 30's pack: 150.00 MRP..

BDT 150.00

ADMIRA MR 30mg Tab.

Gliclazide 30mg/tablet (modified release).30's pack: 180.00 MRP..

BDT 180.00

ADMIRA-80 Tab.

Gliclazide 80mg/tablet 30's pack: 180.00 MRP..

BDT 180.00

ALDONIST 25mg Tab.

Eplerenone INN 25mg & 50mg/tablet 25mg x 28's pack: 1260.00 MRP...

BDT 1,260.00

ALDONIST 50mg Tab.

Eplerenone INN 25mg & 50mg/tablet 50mg x 14's pack: 1190.00 MRP...

BDT 1,190.00

ALEZE 10mg Tab.

Loratadine INN 10mg/tablet50's pack: 125.00 MRP..

BDT 125.00

ALEZE 60ml Syp.

Loratadine INN 5mg/5ml: syrup60ml bot: 26.00 MRP..

BDT 26.00


Alfuzosin Hydrochloride is indicated for the treatment of the signs and symptoms of benign prostatic..

BDT 10.00

ANCEF 100ml Susp.

Cephradine 125mg/5ml: suspension 100ml bot: 85.00 MRP..

BDT 85.00

ANCEF 15ml Drop

Cephradine lOOmg/ml: drop 15ml bot: 50.00 MRP..

BDT 50.00

ANCEF 250mg Cap.

Cephradine 250mg & 500mg/capsule.250mg x 20's pack: 130.00 MRP..

BDT 130.00

ANCEF 500mg Cap.

Cephradine 250mg & 500mg/capsule.500mg x 20's pack: 250.00 MRP..

BDT 250.00